Biometric Access Control and Time Attendance

Web-based Biometrics and RFID smart card system for Enterprise-wide access control and time attendance solution. Its SSL-encrypted with all software and hardware built into the system. It can be used in a standalone mode without the need of a dedicated architecture, but it can also be used in conjunction with existing infrastructure. It is easily and highly scalable, one can install one unit day and expand to thousands tomorrow using existing TCP/IP network. The system can support all legacy card-based systems and provides immediate integration with a company's IT and security systems

The devices have three authentication modes : 
•    PIN+ Finger print 
•    PIN+ Finger Print+ Smart Card 
•    PIN+ Finger Print+ Smart Card + Video Camera


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Fingerprint EM Card Reader;Video camera;1K users Lock + Push Button Standard Networking Imp..
Price on Request
Mifare 4K memory Contactlss smart card (white) ..
Ex Tax: ₦1,050.00
EM Card Reader;Video camera; 1K users ..
Ex Tax: ₦138,494.40
Time and attendance Solution
ACTA3-1K-FLI-SE (PIN + FP + SC only) Implementation & Training (2 pers,1day) Standard Net..
Ex Tax: ₦217,000.00
Time and attendance Solution Implementation Only
Implementation & Training (2 pers,1day) ..
Ex Tax: ₦50,000.00
Time and attendance Solution Implementation Plus Networking
Implementation & Training (2 pers,1day) Standard Networking 1 Point to Point ..
Ex Tax: ₦72,000.00
Time Attendance & Access Control Device
Time Atendance device with PIN, Fingerprint, EM Card Reader;Video camera;1K users ..
Ex Tax: ₦295,000.00